Our Story

Introducing... The Lazy Nibbler
Like all great stories, ours started with a love affair. Love for local produce, luxurious tastes and lazy nibbles (no princesses, dragons or knights unfortunately).

Now it‘s time for us to share that love with you!

As our days get busier and our nights more hectic, buying from local producers has been substituted for buying mass-produce from supermarkets. Time constraints and distance mean that purchasing quality and sustainably sourced goods from a farm shop just isn’t an easy option for many.

Here at The Lazy Nibbler, we wanted to change that. We needed to change that. So, we did!

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights our local area has to offer. From the comfort of your mobile, you can create your own selection box full of the tastiest farm foods around (and we really do mean the tastiest!). Alternatively, you can choose one of our expertly constructed, pre-made bundles of gourmet goodies. All you have to do is sit back, prepare a glass of wine and wait for your delivery!

When you make the excellent choice to buy a box from us, not only will you help support our surrounding farms and get delicious produce delivered to your doorstep, you’ll become part of our story.