Our Suppliers

Bath Soft Cheese Company
There is an old farming saying, “Look after your cows and your cows will look after you.” That goes to the heart of what happens at Park Farm. The Bath Soft Cheese Co are entirely organic and their milk and cheese is produced in a way that protects our natural world and lets every farm animal feel the sun on its back.
Cobble Lane Cured
Cobble Lane Cured's charcuterie uses British meat, drawing on the experience and skills their two founders have developed over years in the butchery trade.
Hampshire Cheeses
Hampshire Cheeses, an award-winning, artisan cheesemaker, has joined the ranks of the best cheeses in the world. They are proud to produce the finest, handcrafted soft cheeses, winning awards year after year. Based locally.
Isle of Wight Cheese Co
They started making cheese at the dairy in Queenbower in October 2006. The aim was to create a variety of small scale handmade cheeses for the island.
Itchen Valley Brewery
Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, IVB brew an unrivalled range of award-winning real ales with pure Hampshire water, yeast and barley along with the finest hops from around the country and the world.
Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers
Lyburn farm makes a variety of hand made cheeses, all of which are made from their own cows milk. Based locally.
Montezuma's, the little chocolate business, was started in 2000 with only a kitchen sink sized machine, huge enthusiasm, spades of naivety and most importantly, a broad ideal to bring chocolate innovation to a boring and staid British chocolate market.
Peter's Yard
Peter’s Yard use simple, natural ingredients including Shipton Mill organic flour, organic fresh milk and precious sourdough, which is fed daily and allowed to ferment for 16 hours before each batch is baked.
The Real Olive Company
Working with small scale, independent, artisan and organic farmers, The Real Olive Co's olives can be enjoyed with the knowledge that they are pure, natural products.
Red Cat Brewing
In early 2014 Red Cat Brewing opened shop with the sole aim of creating imaginative, stunning craft beer. We also want to challenge ourselves with different beer styles + processes, learn as much as we can, and innovate.
Rosary Goats Cheese
Rosary Goats Cheese began in Salisbury 1988 and has since developed into a fully established dairy.
Somborne Valley Vineyard
Somborne Valley Vineyard's award winning collection of wine is produced from grapes grown in their vineyards. The three distinctly separate vineyards are set in the downland landscape of Hampshire’s Test Valley, in what is increasingly recognised as one of England’s pre-eminent wine producing areas. All harvesting is by hand and the vineyards produce both sparkling and still wines all of which are vegan friendly.
Stag Bakeries
Stag Bakeries products have a known and trusted provenance. In a competitive market where mass production continues to be the dominant force, Stag Bakeries offers its growing number of discerning customers something less ordinary.
Based locally, in the heart of Wiltshire, Tracklements lovingly make an award-winning range of over 60 artisan condiments. To ensure their chutneys taste as good as the best homemade, they make them in the same manner as you would at home; with the highest quality, natural ingredients, handmade in small batches.

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